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Central Boiler Repair Company


John J. Plancey leaves the Philadelphia Shipyards and joins his father, a boilermaker, to form Central Boiler Repair Company.


Father and son build a new office building and shop, in Oakhurst, NJ, and relocate the business.


John J. Plancey’s son, John E. Plancey, a graduate of Steven’s Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ, and an Aerospace Engineer for Pratt Whitney, joins his father at Central Boiler Repair Company.


Frank Palumbo and Mike Pinchak join Central Boiler Repair as Lead Boiler Mechanic and Service Manager, respectively.


John J. Plancey retires and his son, John E. Plancey takes over as President of Central Boiler Repair.


John E. Plancey retires and Frank Palumbo takes over as President of Central Boiler Repair Company

Superior Environmental Equipment Company


Kenneth Miller forms Superior Steam Generators of New Jersey, located in East Orange, New Jersey, as the first manufacturer’s representative of Superior Combustion Industries of New York, NY.


Company relocates to Edison, NJ and changes name to Superior Enerquip Corporation.


Kenneth Miller retires and Mickey Miller takes over as President


Company is reincorporated as Superior Environmental Equipment Corp


Company relocates to Hazlet, NJ


Company is acquired by sons Todd and Daren Miller from parents Mickey and Julia Miller and office relocates to Wall Township, NJ.

Superior Central Boiler


Southern Spear Inc. purchases Central Boiler Repair and Superior Environmental Equipment Corporation to create a new entity, Superior Central Boiler. The companies are combined and located in a new office in Wall Township, NJ. Superior Central Boiler is a full-service manufacturer’s representative with the largest boiler service group in the state of New Jersey. The company has also expanded services to include Plant Operations where Superior Central Boiler will manage, staff, operate and maintain boiler rooms for customers.

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