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aicAdvanced Industrial Components Inc. (AIC) is a heat exchanger manufacturer specializing in a broad range and selection of quality heat transfer products.

AIC heat exchanger product lines range from shell and tube heat exchangers, and brazed plate heat exchangers, to stainless steel indirect water heaters.

AIC is a group of companies that offers complete heat transfer solutions to the global market. Our expertise in this field stems from years of knowledge and working experience with diverse applications and industries around the world.

AIC distinctive and versatile product designs, merged with advanced manufacturing technologies, have enabled us to continue our tradition of providing you with unique solutions to your most challenging needs.

Our Foundation

Our success is based on the technical strengths and capabilities of our people, the quality and diversity of our products, and our relentless pursuit to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Mission

We value our clients.

Our operating principles revolve around building and nurturing strong relationships with our clients, through being responsive and attentive to your requirements. We aspire to be your single source supplier of a wide range of technically advanced products, from single units to complete heat transfer solutions. Our focus on providing high quality, innovative products, and our continuous development of efficient methods of manufacturing those products, is our constant endeavor to create solutions of high value for you.


  • Heat Exchanger

Precision Straight Tube

Sanitary Shell & Tube

Shell & Straight Tube

Marine Grade Straight Tube


Plastic Shell & Tube

Titanium Shell & Tube

Shell & U-Tube

Shell & Coil

Plate & Frame

Single Wall Brazed Plate

Double Wall Brazed Plate

Instant Indirect Water Heaters

  • Heat Exchanger

LENS Heat Exchangers

S-Line Sanitary Exchangers

B-Line Heat Exchangers

M-Line Heat Exchangers

E-Line Economizers

T-Line Heat Exchangers

TW-Line Heat Exchangers

PS/PW Heat Exchangers

JAD-Line Heat Exchangers

A-Line Heat Exchangers

L-Line Heat Exchangers

L-Line DW Heat Exchangers

Rex Water Heaters