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leading manufacturer of chimney exhaust systems


American Metal Products Company now known as AMPCO manufactures quality, multi-use, pressure stack chimney exhaust systems for commercial applications, including boilers, generators and kitchen grease duct. All systems are UL Labeled, Prefabricated Single or Double or Triple Wall Positive Pressure Venting Systems. Grease Duct Venting.

ZClear™ is the most innovative factory-built kitchen grease duct in the industry. With a zero clearance rating, our integrated chase construction sets the standard for design.

For over 20 years, AMPCO has been a leading manufacturer of quality, multi-use, pressure stack chimney exhaust systems. AMPCO product installations and applications include boilers, generators, commercial kitchen grease duct, laboratory fume hoods and coffee roasters. All AMPCO products are UL tested and listed to the most stringent safety standards, ensuring you the finest product available.

All of our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure the best performance, and come backed with quick lead times and expert customer support.


Model VSI and IVSI are available from 5″ I.D. to 48″ I.D. Fittings include various elbows, tees, supports and terminations, as well as a variety of accessory fittings designed to make installation simple and quick.

Each component is shipped complete and ready for installation. Each ordered part includes Inner Vee Bands, Outer Channel Bands and all the necessary hardware

All pipe models are UL 1978 grease duct rated to their relative clearance to combustibles (single-wall, double-wall air or blanket insulated). Zero Clearance grease duct models Z3 & Z4 are additionally UL 2221 rated to zero clearance to combustibles and have an integral 2 hour fire rated enclosure, not requiring a separate fire rated shaft.  Alternatively, the Z3 can be used for other hourly rated integral shaft needs.  Just call to inquire.