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HeatFab Saf-T Vent CI Plus is the leading commercial double-wall UL 1738 special gas vent system for condensing heating appliances, made from superferritic stainless steel.

The joint seal is securely fastened together at the inner wall and not the outer wall like some other double wall manufacturers, for increased strength & security. Our overlapping male-female joint also ensures the acidic condensate stays on the extremely credible, durable AL29-4C® stainless steel when installed properly. The aesthetic mirror-like stainless outer wall provides a professional look like no other and has even been used for commercial beer brew kettle steam exhaust.

Heatfab’s first major invention was a light weight metal chimney that could be used for venting; it was described as “Metalbest.”

After years of being referred to as Metalbest, the venting company was finally named Metalbest Systems, and in 1978 they built a new plant in Nampa, ID. The Metalbest Systems companies were based in Canada and the US and were eventually merged into a new company, Selkirk-Metalbest. This new company set the bar high and created an industry standard for Wood Stove Chimney safety in Canada in 1982.

1998 saw the merger of Airmate, a grilles and registers company, with Selkirk-Metalbest, making it Selkirk Inc. To further their market and range, Selkirk in Canada and SuperVent merged to create the Selkirk Canada Corporation.

Business was booming, and from 2002 to 2005, Selkirk launched numerous products, including the Zero Clear Zero Clearance Grease Duct, Direct-Temp Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Vent, and Direct-Temp Direct Vent for Pellet Stoves.
Tomkins PLc acquired Selkirk-Metalbest in 2006 and renamed it Selkirk Corporation. The UltimateONE all-fuel chimney system was developed by Selkirk engineers in 2011. In November 2012, Selkirk Corp. was purchased by Air Distribution Technologies. In June of 2014, Air Distribution Technologies was purchased by Johnson Controls, Inc.