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fully customized boiler skid packages

Superior Boiler Works

Superior Boiler Works offers fully customized boiler skid packages for many types of steam and hot water boiler applications. Complete modular, skid-mounted units, single and multi-boiler, designed for an easy “single lift” installation.

Specifically designed to deliver a maximum total efficiency and lowest total emissions while maintaining a responsive load response and low waterside pressure drop.

Our boiler models Range from 10 to 2,000 BHP, 15 PSIG to 300 PSIG Steam, 30 PSIG to 160 PSIG Hot Water.

Uniquely constructed with a large volume furnace, dimpled heating surfaces, and generous water content, our boilers can tolerate extremely low minimum flows approaching zero gallons per minute, making it the most versatile choice for any system.

All of the burners, controls, and pumps are all first quality name-brand OEM components such as Honeywell, Siemens, Grundfos and PowerFlame.

We offer all possible optional ancillary equipment that can be sold separately or in a package with the boilers. Options include but not limited to: Blowdown Separators, Deaerator Systems, Economizers, Feedwater Tanks among others.
Superior Boiler Works, Inc. has been manufacturing boilers in Hutchinson, Kansas since 1940. Over 20,000 boilers have been shipped throughout the US and other countries. Our superior performance is evidenced by the highest recommendation that can be given a product. We offer a 24-hour in-house technical service team can troubleshoot and provide solutions for all of your boiler needs. We offer preventative maintenance and repair solutions year round to extend the lifetime usage of your equipment.