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Kewanee Parts

Kewanee began to manufacture high quality boilers during the late 18660s.  Since then, the company had been a major supplier of high quality boilers to a good number of residents within the United States and abroad. The boilers were also sold to commercial and various industrial customers from across the United States and outside the country. By 2002, Kewanee boilers were no longer produced and operations ceased completely. This was particularly due to the withdrawal of Burnham Corporation from Kewanee as per decision by the management of Burnham Corporation.

Today, Burnham Corporation still has a vast collection of more than half of the assets including a the entire collection of Kewanee’s Engineering drawings that were drafted by 1916 and all sales records that were sold by the mid-1970s and after. The corporation also still has the records of purchase for all the boilers that were made during the year 1985 until the time Kewanee ceased operations in 2001. Although the production of Kewanee boilers ceased by 2002, Kewanee boiler parts can still be bought today. The parts are made in line with initial Engineering guidelines of the 1980s and the years after.

Burnham still has a good number of welding materials and the exact Engineering guidelines that can be used to make the exact Kewanee parts. It is important to understand that a good number of residents and commercial customers who had bought the boilers that were made when Kewanee was still in operation still have the boilers today. If you are also still using a boiler that was manufactured when Kewanee was still in operation, you can buy any parts to replace the old ones.