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Superior Parts

Superior-Com-Parts-buttonBoth by name and by nature, Superior Boiler Works is a clear cut above the rest when it comes to supplying genuinely Superior Parts for boilers and heating systems for heavy-duty industrial use.

Based in Kansas, Superior is considered across the world to be the global leader in Condensing boilers and various other high-efficiency heating systems, including wares and systems for the processing of hot water, waste and steam.

The company has been in business for over 70 years and along the way has built an enviable reputation for both quality and value the likes of which remains rare at best. What’s more, Superior Combustion Parts are known the world over for the pioneering of various eco-friendly initiatives – the company specializing in the research and development of boilers that work by use of alternative and renewable fuels.

From the world’s biggest ethanol plants to some of the most important hospitals across the US, Superior Parts and boilers are everyday carrying out essential duties for the heaviest-duty environments imaginable. To date, a staggering 20,000 Superior boiler systems have been shipped and installed both across the US and the rest of the world – a figure growing at a faster rate each and every year.

With Superior, it is all about creating genuinely Superior Parts with the best interests of both the client and the environment as a whole in mind. As such, there are few better brands to side with if looking to undertake a project where the environment is not an afterthought, but rather a genuinely conscious consideration.

Superior Combustion Parts have been leading the field in terms of innovation for decade and show no signs of slowing pace in the 21st century and beyond. In addition, with some of the most extensive guarantees and aftercare services in the industry, peace of mind also comes as a standard part of every package.